In the summer of 2017, KDW Construction was invited by Landsea to bid a 75-acre site in Newark called Sanctuary. Rather than bid the job as a conventional GC, KDW instead proposed a trade-partner package. The team consisted of KDW, CBG, Sanco Pipelines, Murga Strange & Chalmers, ENGEO, Giacalone and Smith Denison, all of whom are industry leaders in their respective areas. KDW (and team) went up against tough competition but was eventually awarded the job due to their innovative approach and comprehensive package.

KDW went in as a lead partner on the site and are thrilled to say that we have been successful in ensuring the entire project stayed on track, even with a very aggressive schedule. KDW moved 125,000 cubic yards of soil and created a site earthwork balance, as the utility contractors were going to generate more than 70,000 cubic yards of excess soil. Ultimately 3 of the 4 villages were sold to 2 other developers, and still KDW was able to coordinate all 3 developers’ individual needs. Additionally, we maintained dewatering areas during the project to deal with seasonal rain events, as well as the utility contractors dewatering discharge. This project was a huge success due to the effective communication and synergistic effort between all trade partners involved.

Though Sanctuary has been our largest project to date, we are proud to say that it is just one of many examples of successful partnerships made possible by having KDW as the lead trade partner on a Bay Area job site.