About KDW

About KDW

Our Mission

Look at the big picture, provide prompt and clear solutions, and stop at nothing short of excellence.

Our Vision

Constantly strive to make the impossible possible with innovative grading solutions.

…you are ensured that the project will be thought through well prior to iron being sent to the site. It’s this prior planning and partnership that they emphasize which creates a successful project for all stakeholders. Their ability to be creative and flexible in order to meet the needs of the project will always put themselves at the top of the list of companies that Sanco wants to do business with.

– Sean McIntyre / Sanco Pipelines

Our Story

KDW Construction, LLC was established in 2013 and was meant to be a beacon of something new in the heavy civil engineering industry. The desire was to start a company that focused on the real essence of what makes projects happen, relationships. To achieve this, there needed to be a deep understanding and willingness to facilitate that focus, both internally with KDW staff and externally through to our clients and trade partners. Encouraging transparency and effective communication is what leads KDW to develop a cohesive team throughout the life cycle of every project. We are fully committed to the development of an open-minded approach which attracts high performing professionals who deliver successful projects for our clients.

One of the biggest things that sets KDW apart from our competition is that we never rely on our past achievements. Every day, every project is an audition. KDW’s craftsmanship and attention to detail is what makes us stand out in the field. We are building our legacy from the ground up focusing on our experience, our relationships and our consistency! These attributes have rewarded us by exceptional year over year growth.

KDW will continue to create movement into the future! Be Better. Be Different. Be KDW.

KDW’s Culture

Being a privately owned, family business, our culture is one that embraces tight-knit relationships and communication, while also maintaining our drive for success and a dynamic spirit. We believe that promoting individual success while emphasizing collaboration and communication is the best recipe for maintaining an efficient and highly effective company.

Our Values



Reliable partners at every step of the way

Our success is built on the relationships we have developed with our clients, subcontractors, trade partners, suppliers, and colleagues. We are committed to teamwork, mutual respect, and consistent communication.


Creative solutions for every obstacle

Every job comes with its own unique challenges – we offer solutions. KDW is led by seasoned professionals, who work passionately to come up with creative and innovative new ways to overcome and control any obstacle.


Competent and capable leadership

We have the experience it takes to prepare the ground, grade, and pave developments of all sizes and scope. We bring an exceptional team, a fleet of equipment, and over 40 years of combined experience to every job.


Consistent and reliable communication

You can expect honest communication from everyone on our team. We work hard to make sure you have the access, insights, and information you need to make decisions and keep your project on track.

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